List Server

Mirror List Server
Mirror List Server

The Mirror List Server does exactly two things:

  • It LISTS Game Servers for clients to browse & join.
  • It WORKS with ungodly amounts of lists & connections.

Making a List Server is not rocket science, but making it stable and fast is!

We made Mirror so we don’t have to worry about Networking.
We made the Mirror List Server so we don’t have to worry about list servers.

Try it for free!

Download Mirror and open the List Server example. You will see our hosted Tanks server in the list, and you can join it with your friends!

You can even host your own Game Server (with the ListServer scene) and have it appear in the list server.

Note: players can only connect to your game server if you host it on a dedicated server or if you forward the game port in your router!


  • Efficient: can run on a Google Cloud f1-micro instance, which means that you can host it for free during development, and upgrade to a more powerful machine after release!
  • Scales to large amounts of connections. If you need to support more game servers and players, simply host it on a more powerful machine.
  • Stability: we designed the List Server very carefully for maximum stability. We don’t ever want it to crash, so that we can focus on our games instead. In fact, our publicly hosted List Server has never crashed since its release in March 2019!
  • Free Updates for 1 year!
  • Cross Platform: runs on Ubuntu Linux/Mac/Windows servers.


The Mirror List Server comes with a 2-Step-Hosting-Guide (install a library, run the binary), and a longer, more detailed hosting guide for beginners.

After hosting your List Server, all you need to do is modify Mirror’s ListServer example to use your List Server’s IP:

Additionally, you might want to let the user set the Game Server Title somewhere. For example, you could provide a config file that the server reads when starting.


“The List Server works very nice on my new game! Thank you.” – Valentin
“Mirror List Server and Mirror Networking work nicely on our game” – Poly Orbit Studios


  • Can I host the List Server on my own server? Yes!
  • What about NAT Punchthrough? Not supported at the moment.
  • I hosted a game server on my own computer, it shows in the list but my friends can’t join it? Forward the port in you router, or host it on a dedicated server on the internet instead.


$30 – Self Hosted.